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My roommate and I were just discussing the other day whether I was in the Top-10 most anal iPod users in the world. Now I've found this site, it's terrific to find so many like-minded people out there! And to think that I haven't even been using Smart Playlists until now!

Before sharing my cool Smart Playlist, here's some indcation of the extent of my anal-ness:

1. All intros and interludes on rap albums, live albums (Tom Waits), etc. have their own genre: Intro / Interlude. That way, when I shuffle through Ganre: Rap songs, I don't have to endure 45 seconds of Eminem on the phone to Steve Berman.

2. All French songs have the correct accents. Japanese singers have their names in Japanese (although I don't even know how to read Japanese). If you're using a Windows which doesn't display those characters, just go to Google, do the Advanced Search to search for pages in the relevant language, find a page with the song details, and copy and paste into iTunes.

3. All songs sung by "Blah Blah featuring Guest Singer" are listed under the Artist "Blah Blah" and the "featuring Guest Singer" bit is inserted after the song name. That way, I don't have a whole load of different Blah-Blahs. My iPod screen doesn't even show the whole thing in the menu anyway.

4. You know how the On-The-Go playlist has those hypens? Well, for consistency, all my playlist names have hypens. Some examples: "Idio-Syncs" (strange songs), "Radio-Heads" (best of Radiohead), "Senti-Mental" (sad songs that drive me crazy) and "Back-To-Mine" (romantic songs for seduction).

ANYWAY... Here's my new Smart Playlist.

It's called "Forget-Me-Nots" following the tradition of naming playlists with hyphens.

It's a playlist of songs that don't belong on any album, so I might forget I even own these songs (some of them are one-hit-wonders or one-offs). All these songs have their album name erased because I don't want a gigantic list of albums in my list when I don't even own them. The titles in my album list are only for those I own completely.

 - Album Name is [none]
 - Genre is not Classical [and others, like Jazz]
 - Last Played is not in the last 6 months
 - Song Name does not contain iTrip 
   (iTrip owners will understand what I mean)
 - Song Name does not contain Mix 
   (don't want long techno remixes in my list)

A n y c o m m e n t s ?

by daeshin on Feb 12 | 8:00 am


I used to also have all my non-album tracks have a completely blank album field. This then posed a problem when i was on my iPod however. If you have many albums by a particular artist as well as some singles, when you look at their songs on the iPod by (album > all) you will see them in order by album and track, not alphebetically. I then decided to replace all my actually blank album tags to the word "[blank]". This made it possible to only view the singles i have by a particular artist, as well as the bringing the singles to the top of the list.

by genEric on Feb 16 | 6:21 pm

if i have a playlist and i want to resort the tracklist, how do i do that (i.e. i want track 10 to move to track 15 etc) I tried to click n drag but that does not work. can anyone help? thanks

by ratch333 on Feb 16 | 10:58 pm

Similarly to genEric, I use the albumname ZS for my singles, which puts them at the end of the list.

Additional advantages to tagging the albums this way is that I can listen to all singles in a certain genre or by a certain artist without creating a playlist for them.

by thenightfly42 on Feb 17 | 12:14 pm

how do you erase all the music tracks in your itunes "most recently added" section?

by ratch333 on Feb 17 | 11:17 pm

To your first question, ratch, there is (i say, unfortunately) no way to reorder songs in iTunes without making it a not-so-smart playlist. Originally coming from winamp which allowed to very easily move tracks around in my choosing, iTunes makes you keep the order that is specified unless it is an unshuffled regular playlist. Another option i miss from winamp is the ability to enqueue the next song.
As much as i luve iTunes and Smartplaylists, there are some things i miss from winamp.

Oh and also to your second question, a similiar answer. You cannot delete songs from a smart playlist either.

by genEric on Feb 19 | 1:56 pm

It is _not_ true that you can't delete from a SPL or reorder one. It depends on the criteria used to create it. For example if you have a SPL to fill an 80MB disc you can delete any or all of the tracks in it until you get just the right selection of songs.

In fact I have been doing just that all morning as I make CDs for my new car.

If you have a SPL created that says something like ARTIST is THE BEATLES well then you cant delete anything because it is, well, selecting THE BEATLES.

You _can_ also reorder tracks. Be sure you are selecting the first column that sorts by _number_ not other specific criteria.

by Crimson on Sep 03 | 1:42 pm

Ah, Crimson, you have corrected me. Although I did write that quite awhile ago, I must not have been as acquainted with iTunes yet. My apologies.

by genEric on Sep 03 | 1:54 pm

I think the deleting tracks only works if the SPL is selected by random. I tried selecting by song name and it wouldn't let me delete anything.

Nice feature, though, and big a shout-out to you, Crimson, for spotting it!

by talking_animal on Sep 03 | 3:00 pm

Not too useful with songs that are downloaded at itunes because they put album names without haste....

by Tin_podder on Nov 11 | 8:04 am

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