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If you delete the "Purchased Music" playlist from the Sources column, it can be rebuilt by choosing “Check for Purchased Music” from the Advanced menu.

Of course you’ll have to manually drag your purchased tracks into the list, but you’ll have the list back.

by dfbills on Aug 12 | 1:10 am


Doesn't work in 4.5. All I get is that all purchased music has been donwloaded.

by Monty Lee on May 01 | 4:14 pm

The intent of the original hint was to recreate the source list, not the actual music itself- you'll have to drag that music back to the source list by hand.

Are you saying that the list (item) is not rebuilt in 4.5 when you do this?

by dfbills on May 02 | 2:10 pm

I just had my iTunes Music Librbary or the .xml file choke the other day and had to rebuild my 11.5K song library. It's all back in working order, except the Purchased Music playlist.

The List is definitely NOT rebuilt in 4.5, but the music IS in my library and CAN be played.

Any Ideas?

by Momoe on May 03 | 10:03 pm

Make a new smart playlist

Kind is Protected AAC File

Live updating

by Seuss on Jun 17 | 1:58 pm

Thanks Seuss,

That is exactly what I did, but that still doesn't "fix" an obvious problem with iTunes & iTMS. Since I did this under 4.5 and it is an adequate work-around, I haven't checked to see if this bug is fixed in 4.6.

by Momoe on Jun 19 | 11:13 pm

Too bad the original hint doesn't work anymore. Worked like a charm for me.

by dfbills on Jun 19 | 11:58 pm

I had the same problem. I had cleared my "purchased music" playlist. I was able to get the playlist back without any music in it by using the "Check for Purchased Music Feature".

I then created a new smart playlist: Kind is Protected AAC audio file

That grabbed all my purchased music so I could simply highlight and drag all of it into the original "Purchased Music" playlist.

by tfacedkilla on Jun 18 | 12:36 am

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